#MERS Coronavirus in KSA and The Conspiracy Theory

Local viewpoint:MOH has failed to control Mers.It is always alarming whenever we are facing a conspiracy theory and especially when this theory is supported by the Authorized Persons locally. Most of the time, that points out a weakness with regards the way to managing the threat of an ongoing MERS outbreak.image

Considering that things are not under and before they become out of control despite action plan (ICP) to stop a huge nosocomial infection occurring in the main national hospitals, it is easier and more convenient to elaborate a conspiracy theory. To keep in mind that 33% of Mers cases are nosocomial infection.

But such a theory does not resist to scientific peer review: MERS is existing since 2012 and coronavirus is hosted by dromedary camels since decades, starting in North then Horn of Africa before reaching Middle-East. Last year Dr Ian Mackay wrote that MERS came from camels, not terrorists

On one hand, scientists (Virologists, Epidemiologists, Veterinarians) are gathering evidence based on facts; on the other hand, there are tweets sent by honourable Faculty members denying the evidence based medecine regarding MERS-CoV.

Last, not least, The Under secretary of MOH is pleading for a “plausible” bio-weapon of MERS-Coronavirus. see ‘Plausible’ that MERS was developed as bio-weapon

Miscommunication on Mers issues and impacts?

I don’t like speculating on this matter but I would not be surprised to watch an increase of MERS cases among Hajj Pilgrims by the end of September, early October outside of KSA on their way back to home countries.

Poor risk assessment of what a bio-weapon would meet as a minimum requirement to be classified as a threat; clear demonstration of lack of knowledge about MERS which reminds me the same story heard in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak…

Imaging a bio-weapon dedicated to disable and targeting Population with chronic diseases and underlying poor medical conditions? Come on…

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