Countdown for #MERS cases following Hajj 2015

On September 27th, Hajj 2015 just finished. As of today, no MERS case has been reported in link with pilgrimage in Mecca.


Unfortunately, two major accidents occurred this year which might comprise the good outcome of MERS reporting with zero case:

  • Crane crash in Grand Mosque in Mecca;
  • Mina Stampede with >750 deaths.

According to the huge amount of casualties in the vicinity of the area, ER were overcrowded for a while. Outside of hospital and healthcare facilities implemented all around (8 temporary hospitals, 25.000 HCW) the holy cities, sanitation/hygiene might have been compromised leading to increasing the Health risks including but not limited to MERS.

Have a look at this blog held by Kilian Crawford on More than 1,000 sick pilgrims in Mecca hospitals to get an overview of the outcomes…

Pilgrims are now travelling back to their home countries. Looking after and watching what is happening over-there becomes a great concern. Iran, Jordan have raised the alarm in order to get ready.

Two more weeks are now required before stating that 2015 Hajj was free of MERS case (onset: 14 days average) .

That’s deeply my wish but I am first a scientist; so, I wait and see.

  • KSA-Riyadh on October 1st: 1 new sympatomatic Mers case.

As of October 7th: Several Mers cases under investigation and testing

  • Egypt:concerning info about 7 suspected Mers cases returning from Jeddah: One in Alexandria and 6 in Cairo; 3 are today negative and 4 remaining in quarantine. No update so far…
  • Thailand: one suspected case. No update…
  • Philippine: No more suspected cases following one death of a Saudian male tested negative for MERS (postmortem).

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