#zikasummit in Paris hosted by Institut Pasteur: New pathways

Zika summit ParisLucky attendee of the zika summmit in Paris hosted by Institut Pasteur, fully committed in Zika study and on the way for producing a new vaccine; but first starting by discovering Zika virus, its environment, its vector and its morbidity. Nice opening then scientific Lectures followed by some good news by presenting previews of scientific works and studies. At the end of the first day on Public Health and epidemiology of Zika, no speaker declared Zika as causative microcephaly but Zika as involved in the process of microcephaly; that makes a huge difference…

Historical then clinical review of Zika virus discovered in 1947 in Uganda then traveling worldwide, first west then moving back to east before reaching South America in 2015. A timeline of Zika in Americas compared with other outbreaks occurring at the same time or/and at the same location, like Dengue, Chikungunya.

A good reminder on the neurological damages due to CMV and feedbacks.

What are the lessons learned (from French Polynesia) and new trends about Zika virus and microcephaly or Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)?

  • Ecosystem:Possible several Vectors for Zika virus
  • Zika virus among Flavivirus family including Dengue
  • Role and responsibility of immunity:
    • Ab, IgM, IgG and autoimmune system
    • enhancement of Zika virus by acquired immunity
    • Co-infection with Dengue or Chikungunya
  • Specs and conditions related to Zika in Americas:
    1. naive population
    2. several waves of outbreaks:
      • Dengue
      • Zika
      • Chikungunya
    3. to be at the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Neurotropism of Zika
  • Co-factors, aggravating factors suspected
  • Timeline for pregnancy impacting fetus
  • Zika virus crossing placental and blood brain barriers

No more but no less to be happy by attending this meeting entirely dedicated to Zika by gathering scientists working in both Research Lab or Public Health departments, what is called now Global Health and by sharing in real time critical previews of new studies and preliminary results.

Structure 3D Zika virusNo doubt, PHEIC was declared by WHO on February 1st 2016 in order to cope with microcephaly, not Zika virus, as the emergence of an unexplained neurological complications related to a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) like Zika. Knowing that almost 80% of Zika cases are unknown due to lack of clinical symptoms, it is a great importance for improving knowledge of pathogenicity and physiopathology. How immune system, autoimmune reaction are connected and if there are cause related to co-infection.

Far from the “politically correct” speaking but always based on evidence, the panel of speakers gave us an optimistic orientated overview with new vision and perspectives for the on coming future. Instead of focusing on what we know, it was effectively more interesting to address the questions about what we don’t know about Zika and microcephaly + GBS. If you see what I mean…

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