#Microcephaly / #Zika and Political issues? Update

On Friday May 13th, where do we stand with regards the political issues?

  1. US and CDC: Congress still refused funding Zika preparedness plan; preparedness/recovery plan = benefits/costs?
  2. Brazil: Mrs President on the way to impeachment; Some shadow darkening the on coming Olympics Games.
  3. WHO launches the contest for the election of the next General Director. We have to wonder if anyone is in charge till mid 2017.

aedes-aegypti-vs-aedes-albopictusNot really good news at a time where planning and funding research and field actions are required. It is no longer a Zika battle but Vector borne diseases battle including Dengue, Chikungunya, WNV in Americas, but also Yellow Fever in Africa. So, clearly there is rationale to maintain PHEIC by raising awareness about worldwide risks related to vector borne diseases.

Do you remember that WHO has declared PHEIC? Might be good if UN more concerned and committed in this XXI Century challenges with Global warming and its consequences on Public/Global Health.

Never than before, we can measure the impacts of sustainable and environmental issues on Global Health. UN/WHO has to move forward right now to assess and put in place asap remedial action when possible but preferably to prevent collateral damages.

Zika and International OrganizationsIn that way, Zika remains a good example of “old fashion” way to conducting health risk assessment and by studying root causes analysis. Not exploring alternate causes such as co-infection with DENV or CHIKV are mistakes. But this is not enough when addressing Global health issues without referring to socio-economics conditions (poverty, lack of hygiene, sewage plants and waste management) which are largely contributing to the spread (at least) but also the severity of Zika disease including but not limited to microcephaly or Guillain-Barré Syndrome in NE Brazil.

Saying that, the question is to reconsidering or not the statement of both WHO and CDC about Zika causing microcephaly, reformulated by Zika as a cause of microcephaly and GBS. Focusing only on Zika virus might be hazardous by postponing other pre-emptive and recovery measures.

There is a time for funds raising and a time to reconsidering the scientific true especially when talking about health risk assessment and global health.

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