#attentatNice : Is Mass murderer a copycat profile?

There are presently two versions trying to explain who was the mass murderer who killed at least 84 People including 10 children on July 14th (equivalent of Independence Day) at Nice, France.

  1. la mecqueFirst one referred to an attacker recently and quickly convinced by Islamic State ideas/Daesh.
  2. Second one is more amazing but closer to the facts gathered:
    • Despite he was native of Tunisia, he was not muslim (no Ramadan practice, no religious habits, eating pork, drinking alcohol beverages and following deviant sexual interests.
    • His father is talking about his silent like an autist, living alone and away his family.
    • during the weeks before the Nice attack, he spend time on the web, watching trash videos from IS/Daesh on beheaded scenes;
    • he also consciously reviewed previous mass murder cases, especially the last one in Orlando, to get modeled for his on coming attack and to decide which kind of weapon to achieve his goal.
    • Then he started to plan his murder by renting a truck, driving on the “crime” scene by twice.
    • He took advantage by taking some last wishes like selling his car or closing his bank account the day before.
    • In his mind, he was ready for suicide. He had psychiatric past history including violence acts recently. He was married but her wife was asking for divorce in link with physical assaults and had children.

Difficult not thinking about a copycat behavior:

  • inspired by previous mass murder facts;
  • addict of violence, cruelty and trash scenes;
  • inability to build  his own future;

crime sceneThat’s why he decided to plan his death by a truck suicide and by murdering violently huge of People gathered for the July 14th Party. But, in order to be considered as a martyr by Daesh (who claimed the attack later), he took decision to wear a 8 days bear to look like other Salafist attackers.

May I recommend you to read René Girard, French anthropologist, expert on “Violence and the Sacred”,  “the Mimetic Desire“; he also taught in North America where he died in 2015.

At the end of the day, what an interesting topic by addressing this mass murder organized by a copycat profile. That means, lone wolves not Salafist attackers may be responsible. Next question will be: How to prevent them from acting? How to protect innocent People from dying while joining a public celebration?

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